Is Satan Stupid?


Is Satan Stupid?
Let’s just stop and think for a minute about how stupid the devil is. The devil decided to rebel against God.

And Eve too. You gotta think how foolish they are. Ironically foolish, because they were aspiring toward wisdom. The devil appealed to Eve according to wisdom. “Do you want to achieve wisdom? Disobey God and eat of this fruit.”

You’ve got to think about how dumb Eve and the devil are. In the book of Enoch you can read about how the angels conspired together in secret to rebel against God. Eve didn’t see God around, and the devil came to her and tempted her.

All these angels and Eve, they’re so dumb! God sees everything! God knows everything! How could they think, even for one second, that they could conceive of a plan against God. Or hatch a plan against God. Or see a plan against God come to fruition. That an all-mighty, powerful God couldn’t know? Do you think Eve is dumb? Do you think Satan is dumb?

Do you think you’re dumb?

While you’re reading this, I’m looking through your browser history. You don’t know this, but when you look at my website, I have the ability to look at your browser history. I can see that you’re looking at things that you don’t think anyone’s ever going to see.

The Origin of Universal Sin

And here we are at the root of sin. It’s foolishness! To be specific, it’s the foolishness that you think that God cannot know, see, respond, or stop your sin. God is all-mighty! God is all-powerful! God is all-seeing! There’s no moment of your day, no thought or inclination of your heart or mind, that God is not aware of! How could you ever sin, or think that your sin, could ever amount to anything before an almighty God. That’s the heart of foolishness. That is the root of sin.

Did you know that foolishness is personified by a woman? I bet you didn’t know that. Eve was foolish. Guess what? Folly in the Bible is a woman who calls out from the marketplace. What’s her message? “Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious.” That’s the message of foolishness. That’s what the woman Folly has to say to the simple.

Guess what? The simple believe in it. They keep on going right in that direction, and they suffer harm. The simple believe the folly that God cannot see, or won’t see, or will not come back someday to punish wickedness.

One day God’s going to show up. Every little thing that you did, He’s going to call into account.

[We’re seeing nowadays how invasive technology is, especially under the control of the government and greedy lawless companies. We read Jesus’ words, “What is spoken in secret will be shouted from the rooftops.” Perhaps that’s a prophecy about today.

When I was a kid, if you wanted to read pornography, you had to find a magazine. Just recently, you’d have to store it on your computer secretly. Nowadays, with how invasive technology is, that might not be very secret. Reading pornography on your computer? You shouldn’t.  Not with all the power that Barack Obama has.

If you’re a Christian leader, and you think that Barack Obama doesn’t have your browser history, then you’re extremely naive. Because he’s getting as much blackmail on everyone that he can. So if you pastor a mega church, Barack Obama knows what you’ve been looking at online.

So now it’s weird. You’ve got to go back to a bookstore or something if you want to read something illicit. Anyways, that’s a sidetrack from the main point.]

God knows anyway. He doesn’t need to secretly go into your computer to see what you’re secretly watching. There’s nothing that God’s eyes cannot see. There’s nothing that God is powerless to stop. And the woman Folly, that’s something that she refuses to acknowledge.

The Other Woman

You know, there’s another woman personified in the Bible. It’s Wisdom.

When Foolishness cries aloud in the marketplace, saying, “Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious,” she’s mocking Wisdom, who first says, “Come, eat my food and drink the wine I have mixed. Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of insight.”

What’s the first step of Wisdom? The fear of the Lord. Number one thing you need to do to be wise, is be scared of God. Why? Because he sees everything. And He’s powerful. He will respond to sin, in His time, with destruction and punishment. And you should be scared of that. You should never think that God cannot see.

That’s the devil’s problem. Somehow, he thought that God wouldn’t see. Even though he went into God’s court. Even though, as far as we can tell, he was the second-most powerful being in all the universe, and the foremost of creation: Lucifer. Somehow he thought that God wouldn’t know about his plan to overthrow him.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Some of you are very cynical. Right now you’re not very impressed with this whole idea of the fear of the Lord. In fact, you only use that term “fear of the Lord” mockingly. And right now you want to draw some comparison between God and Santa Claus. And you also want to mock this idea that someday God is going to come back and punish everybody.

You know what? I have something to say to you. You are squandering your opportunity. The fact that God hasn’t yet responded mightily to your sin with punishment and destruction is your opportunity to repent. Because when you sinned against God, thinking that He wouldn’t see, or that He was powerless to stop you, you did not have the full scope of God. God hadn’t been revealed to you. Okay? You were sinning in ignorance. This allows you the opportunity to believe in God and to believe in His Son Jesus by faith.

Faith is the evidence of things unseen. That means that you have not seen God coming down for judgment. But by faith if you believe that it’s going to happen, then you are justified by God because faith has afforded you that opportunity. That’s what it means, the righteous shall live by faith.

So right now, you have a chance to repent. If you are wise, you will take it. Like I said, God sees everything and He knows everything. God is not powerless to stop sin. He will with a sudden destruction.

So take this opportunity to repent. Live by faith. Fear God. Even when no one else is watching you, obey God.

Note: This was another draft I found in the drafts folder. 

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