Inoculated Against Racism

When reasonable white Americans criticize our president, we are met with the charge of racism. When we suggest a reduction in welfare spending, we are accused of being racist. We are racist to insist that America secure its southern border. If we are patriotic and proud, we are made to feel guilty. Why? The United States of America is racist. In fact, any word we utter is a racist dog whistle.

Okay, if everything we say is racist, we are left with only one recourse. We must honestly discuss race. The Bible will guide us. God will vindicate us. To get us going, read the following aloud:

We whites are hereby inoculated against the charge of racism.

Some people are like, “Jimmy, what does that even mean, ‘whites are inoculated against the charge of racism?'”

And I’m like, “You don’t know what inoculation is?”

Then these people are like, “Yes, Jimmy we know what inoculation is. We don’t know what it has to do with racism.”

Okay. Okay. I guess it’s not so obvious to some people. When you’re inoculated against a virus, your body is injected with a benign strain of that virus. Your body develops an immunity toward that strain. Then when your body is exposed to the malignant version of the virus, guess what, your body is already immune to it.

We’re not inoculated against racism. We’re inoculated against the charge of racism.

Liberals maliciously accuse whites like me of racism. We aren’t. Yet we bear the shame of being treated like racists. Guess what. Exposure to that shame inoculates us to that feeling. Now we are emboldened to honestly discuss race.

That’s Right. Talk about Race.

How will liberals react to honest discussion on race relations in America? Sure some will wring their hands down to nubs. Most will explode with the same ironically violent fury they have against war.  I’m sure they have something dramatic planned. Whatever it is, I can say, “I predicted this.” (Which I will in the forthcoming post The Diabolical Race Gambit. “Like” on facebook to stay tuned.)

Talk about race to this point has been dishonest. Liberals framed the paramaters of its discussion so of course it’s dishonest. They’ve stacked the deck to make reasonable whites shut up. Bullies. (I’ve identified this in the forthcoming post, The Liberal’s Solution to Race. Follow on twitter so you don’t miss it.)

Ugh. Why bother?

The reason for honest discussion of race is to honor Jesus.

Does the Bible’s wisdom apply to all aspects of life? Yes. Guess what. Race is an aspect of life.

I believe that if we members of the Christian Church in America honestly discuss race, we will testify to the reconciliatory power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we don’t have this talk, we’re just going to circle the drain with the rest of America.

This is a bold move. But if you’ve watched my Patriots Prediction videos on youtube, you know I don’t shy away from boldness. Sure, I’ll catch a fair share of Alinsky-ite scorn. But I’m no stranger to that after proclaiming “I hate science.” (read Science s a Fallacy.)

Certainly you are excited as we are to walk into engaging Bible-based discussions on race!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you even have an inkling of an idea of how racist you sound?

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