If there is no God

I’ve just been walking around town in silence, mulling around some deep questions that have been torturing my soul. I’m looking for answers, but I just keep coming up with more questions.

Basically, I just want to know: If there is no God, why do good things happen? Why, Absence-of-God, why?

If there is no God, why is there life on this planet? Why is it green and wet? Why are other planets dry and empty?

If there is no God, how come volcanoes aren’t blowing up and killing everyone all the time? It’s just not fair.

Why do good things happen? Why do I enjoy life? Why do I experience pleasure? Why does food taste good? Why do I enjoy the company of my wife and love my children?

It’s just not fair! If there is no God, why don’t they all die in a car accident?

If there is no God, why are some people successful? Truly, why aren’t we all impoverished and starving?

If there is no God, why can I leave my bucket of primordial ooze out in a lightning storm, and when it’s done, it’s just a fried bucket of ooze with no life in it? Whey, Absence-of-God, why? Why is life unique if there is no God?

It’s just not fair. Dogs can copulate with any other dog they want. A dog can copulate with my leg if he wants to. The dog does not feel guilty. But when I go and try to have sex with any woman I want, I feel guilty for the rest of my life! Why, Absence-of-God, why?

A lion kills a zebra, and he doesn’t feel sorry. There’s an orphaned zebra running around crying because its mommy was killed by a lion. The lion doesn’t care. But if I run over a squirrel, I feel sad. That’s not fair! If there is no God, why do I have any respect for life at all?

My Grandpappy died. His life was guided by religion. At the funeral, people talked about what a great man he was. He was my Grandpappy. I have the same genetics as him. But here I am, a failure at life. I’m morally corrupt. Why can’t I have the self-control to lead an upstanding life like my Grandpappy did? If there is no God, that’s unfair!

I’ve never seen another animal feel guilty. I’ve never seen another animal use words to express ideas. I’ve never seen another animal strive to know truth or logic. Yes, some monkeys have a vague semblance of that. But if there is no God, why is man the only one worried about words? Or worried about ideas?

If there is no God, this is so unfair!

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