I can’t believe the Patiots lost

I cannot believe the Patriots lost! Where is justice? Is there any justice here on earth when a team a noble as the New England Patriots suffers the scorn of scoundrels and the slander of bitter fools?

Look at the mob of Patriots haters cheering their defeat, celebrating the stumbling of a mighty team. They don’t believe in Justice, they believe in fairness. It’s unfair a team could be as good as the Patriots. Why can’t their lazy and intellectually stupid team win some games? C’mon, share the wealth!

Guys, this isn’t sour grapes. I congratulate the Denver Broncos. This isn’t directed at them. They played well. Their Defense did well. Their quarterback got the job done. Their fans came and supported them. If you’re a Denver Broncos fan, enjoy the super Bowl, my friend.

My problem is the low information sports fan. It’s the counterpart to Rush Limbaugh’s low information voter. They believe the patriots cheat because they win and they win because they cheat.

So they hate the Patriots just like they hate evil millionaires and billionaires who become rich by being corrupt. That’s the only way to become rich, right? And we need a president like Barack Obama to punish those evil millionaires and billionaires.

That’s the twisted mind of the low information sports fan and voter.

Look, the Patriots lost plain and simple. I was having nervous flashbacks to 2005 AFC championship where Ben Watson made a big tackle on Champ Baily that should have been a touchback. But all that was for nothing when the defense allowed Denver to score because they defered to Tom Brady magic rather than rise to the occasion themselves.

They wanted him to score to go ahead. But it didn’t happen then and it didn’t happen tonight.

Tonight, the first time the Patriots were fourth and goal in the fourth quarter down by eight points, I wanted them to kick a field goal. My motto is “some points are better than no points.”

Yet they came out on that drive empty handed.

So the same situation came up again after an amazing connection and run by Gronk. They score a touchdown, but then had to rely on a stalled offense to convert two points.

Man, I wish they had three points from a field goal on that previous drive. I’d be singing a different song. A victory song. Rather than a tragic ballad. (I am a bard.)

Guys, what a joke the NFL is.

Like George Carlin famously pointed out, it’s like war. And when you think about brute, unreasoning warriors of ages past, you notice that victory in battle represents to them vindication for what they represent.

We who are christianized, and modernized, and who cherish rational thought know that the outcome of a military battle does not make one side right and the other wrong.

Well, the same applies to athletic contests.

What I’m saying is that if the Patriots had won the game today instead of lost what the NFL and the commissioner did to Tom Brady is slander. Either way.

But since they’re like medieval warriors in their thought process, it would have been nice for Tom Brady to show up to their golden Super Bowl L celebration and destroy their warped sense of justice.

That’s good old fashion vindication! Tom Brady is Beowulf and the commish is Grendel.

But I’ve lost enough times in sports to know there’s no justice on the football field. Sports are the best way to learn to cope with failure.

And that’s what makes the New England Patriots’ run so amazing. Unprecedented victory after victory. Thank God for the New England Patriots. God Bless Tom Brady and long live Bill Bellichick.

Whoops I just went all medieval.

Anyways, I couldn’t watch the game because I got called into work. But I listened to Zolack and Bob call the game on 98.5 the Sports hub streaming on my iphone. Great job by them!

Congratulations again to Denver and Carolina. I won’t watch the game but if I get invited to a party I will go just to eat snacks.

Hey, guys. Listen. This year we only got to the AFC Championship game. It was a rebuilding year.

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