How did they arrest Kim Davis?

Guys, the past couple days have been busy at work. I’ve only been able to follow the Kim Davis saga in bits and pieces as time and data rates have allowed. So I know that they locked up the county clerk from Kentucky who refused to issue gay marriage licenses. But I got a question. How did they arrest her?

The reason I ask is because the way that they put Kim Davis into prison could play into a new post I’m writing called The New American Barbarian. Remember those Barbarians of ancient days who sacked Rome? Well, the ungodly of today’s America are like those savages except they use words instead of swords.

When I say words, I don’t mean destructive magical incantations like wizard-warriors from Lord of the Rings. When I say words, I’m talking about written law and authoritative commands.

Now the judge told Kim Davis she must issue gay marriage licenses or else. And Kim Davis didn’t issue gay marriage licenses. So did a SWAT team physically storm her home like the Branch Dividians and point a rifle at her like Elian Gonzales?

I haven’t checked yet, that’s why I’m asking. If I’m correct in my hunch about this whole situation, I’d predict that the judge said to her, “You have until Friday at 9:00 am to issue marriage licenses to male and female gays. If you do not comply, you must report to prison by 10:00 am at the East Gate. Please report by 11:00 am so we can have to booked by noon. We’re banging out early for the long Labor Day weekend.”

You guys see what I’m asking? They verbally are forcing her to issue licenses. Since she defied their order, did they verbally force her to walk into prison? I’ll check tomorrow and follow up with you so make sure to return to!

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