Guys, Im clearing out my drafts folder.

Guys, I’m clearing out my drafts folder. So when you see a post and at the top in italics there’s a note saying that I wrote this on a previous date, that’s why.

I have over a hundred posts in draft form. I call it the pipeline. Some of them have 80% of the work done on them. I just got hung up on the last 20%. And in the time I got hung up, the topical subjuct ran its course. 

Some of them were just too bold for me. I’ll admit it. I wimped out. And now I regret it.

So there’s a serious clog in the pipeline. I’m going to force a pig through there to clear it out then purge it.

Just now I published a post about Donald Trump and the definition of politics. I wrote it last August. It’s about how Donald Trump is dominating the Republican primary polls. It finally got published the day after Trump came in second in the Iowa caucus. 

They say to strike while the iron is hot. Whoops. That iron is cool to the touch now. But that particular post describes an idea I have about how people become regarded as leaders. It’s all about written and unwritten rules.

So yea, it’s like pseudointellectual amateuor political sociology.  Perhaps the embarassment kept me from typing it out and publishing it in August. (also I wrote it out with cursive handwritting in a blue mead notebook. I just never got around to transcribing it.)

Embarasment shouldn’t keep me from doing anything at this point because I regret everything. Everything I’ve done online or in real life was a stupid mistake. 

But anyways, some of the upcoming posts out of the drafts folder are several years old so they relate to topics out of recent history not current events. Others are transcriptions of voice memos I made while working. So those are rambling and partly incomprehensable.

By the way, I’m thinking to scrap this website and restart another. What do you guys think? It would be more podcast focused. So it would be more like a AM radio talk show in regards to subject matter but with the energy and levity of an FM morning drive show. 

Maybe I’ll ask Gary Vanderchuck what he thinks. 

Ok guys, thanks for reading.

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