Great Green Commission

A lot of Christians don’t like my Three Great Follies. Well actually, there are four. You can read the post here. Some people really don’t like the second folly, green technologies. They don’t like that I am against green technologies.

Well, it’s Jesus Christ who said to go out into all the earth and make disciples and baptize them. (Bible, page 621) The spirit of God says to go out into the earth. The spirit of green technologies says to stay home. Don’t go anywhere that you cannot reach without your bicycle.

Let me ask you something about your church. Your youth group wants to do a service mission in down east Maine. Are you going to send them from Boston to Maine on bicycles? If you believe in green technologies, you should.

There’s a a young family in your church who want to become missionaries in Cambodia. Are you going to send them out by sailboat from Boston to Cambodia? Because sailboating is a green technology. And they need to stay close to the coast so they can navigate by sight. Navigational software isn’t a green technology. Why? Because those GPS satellites in space used rocket fuel to get there. Rocket fuel is from Oil, a brown technology. So your Christian missionaries who come out of your church in Boston should go by sailboat, if you support Green Technologies.

How’s that for fulfilling the Great Commission? Wouldn’t it be easier for those Christian missionaries to jump in a jet plane, and go where they need to go? Yes. But jet planes are not a green technology. Yet your church embraces green technologies, thinking it’s no big deal. It will be a big deal when you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone! When there are no more jet planes, you’re gonna be sorry that you didn’t listen to me now!

Has God called you to go to China? We Americans don’t have much moral authority in China because we owe them so much money. The Bible says that the borrower is slave to the lender. (Bible, page 555) When we witness to the Chinese, we should do it as slaves witnessing to their master.

Why do we owe the Chinese so much money? Because green technologies are a terrible investment, and we have borrowed Chinese money to finance green technologies.

The Bible says that you are stewards of your money. The Bible does not say that you are stewards of the earth. And you, Christian America, have proven to be a terrible steward of your money because you have made investments in green technology. You have borrowed money from China to make investments in green technology.

And you tell me that green technologies are not a big deal? You tell me that I should be quiet about green technologies. I will NOT be quiet about green technologies. I am a Christian and because of my faith in Jesus, I have been given wisdom. And wisdom tells me that brown technologies are the smartest way to go for the Christian church.

Brown technologies are coal. Brown technologies are oil. Brown technologies are Thomas Edison lightbulbs.

And if you don’t believe me, I want you to look at every page of the Bible. From page 1 to page 849, and tell me where it says that you are stewards of the earth.

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