Free to be Slaves

We are Americans are fools. We look at a nutrient called fat, and tell each other that it should be treated like poison. We listen to a man who cannot speak extemporaneously, and who cannot even say the word extemporaneously without a speech impediment. But we tell each other that that man is the greatest orator, and we elect him as our leader. We Americans are fools.

The Bible says that there is no authority except that which has been established by God. (Bible, page 689) In America, we have an authority that stands by the people, for the people, and of the people. We are the authority in America. We the people. We are the ones who bear the sword. Do you think that we deserve to bear the sword any longer? Not when we willingly vote in leaders to take away our swords.

Our country was founded on freedom. As each election goes by, we vote those freedoms away because of a longing to be slaves. This is a deep-seated longing in every man’s heart, to be a slave. It’s why the ancient Israelites chose Saul as a king when they could have had judges. (Bible, page 321)

I’m telling you that you shouldn’t deny this fact that you want to be a slave. Instead, you should pick a master who is at once, the most powerful being, and the most gracious being. And by being that man’s slave, you’re better off than slaves of any other master. By choosing to be this man’s slave, you’re on the winning side of history. You’re going to be taken care of. You will partake of the spoils of victory.

That slave owner is Jesus.

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