First they blamed Fracking for earthquakes. Now they blame Injection Wells.

pawnee earthquake grocery store

Photo by Paul Hellstern, The Oklahoman. Used without permission.

Liberals want to blame the oil and gas industry for the Oklahoma earthquake swarm. But in doing so they expose their own ignorance. Again.

First they threw around the word fracking. It was an easy accusation to make. Fracking caused the Oklahoma earthquakes. The word fracking just sounds so nasty. Fracking. It’s like a swear word almost. You could substitute it for the f-word at Bible camp.

And anyone with a cursory knowledge of drilling for oil would know that fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing. It’s where they pump water and sand down a hole to break open rocks underground to extract oil.

So it’s an easy conclusion for the ignorant to jump to. Of course hydraulically fracturing rocks underground causes earthquakes!

The problem is it doesn’t.

Well, not anymore than everything we do causes the ground to shake. Like if I drove a dump truck past a seismograph it would shake. Remember how we’d follow behind the fat kid at recess and yell “boom baba boom baba boom” in sync with his footsteps?

Look, fracking went on everywhere in the last oil boom. Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, North and South Dakota. No earthquake swarms.

I mean, yea, there were some earthquakes here and there. But not like in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma the earthquakes knocked the Triscuts off the shelf at White’s Foodliner. Devastating! There’s nothing worse than Triscuts dust when you want the full biscuit.

The fracking-earthquake connection was weak, so the liberals regrouped. They called in the brainiacs from Stanford University in California. I guess they solved California’s earthquake problem and have moved on.

So they came in and formed a consensus. You know how science is all about consensus? Their studies suggest the waste water injection into the Arbuckle formation cause earthquakes. From Stanford News:

“What we’ve learned in this study is that the fluid injection responsible for most of the recent quakes in Oklahoma is due to production and subsequent injection of massive amounts of wastewater, and is unrelated to hydraulic fracturing,” said Zoback, the Benjamin M. Page Professor in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.

Oh, ok. So it’s not fracking! Great! Now you liberals will redact the headline after headline after headline where you connected fracking to earthquakes, right?

Wrong. You just segue into making vague accusations because you don’t even know what injection wells are.

And this is where we all stop and laugh at you.

If you made any effort to understand the oil industry you would know fracking and injection wells are totally different things.

But you don’t make any effort. That’s why you’re impoverished crusading journalists driving around in ’02 Honda Civics and not frack-hands driving around in lifted ’16 Ford F-350s.

You just do a quick go ‘round on Google. In says an injection well is where you inject stuff underground. And in fracking they inject yucky stuff underground. So it’s an injection well.

Guys, listen. Fracking isn’t an injection well anymore than my Peterbilt is a Subaru because they both have wheels. My pitbull isn’t like your Siamese because they both have paws.

An injection well is a totally separate hole in the ground drilled just to pump all the water back underground. By the way, oil wells make oil and water. Did you know that?

This ignorance was on full display in the comments section of my article where I claim windmills caused the Oklahoma earthquakes. People cannot wrap their head around the distinction between fracking and injection wells. And the writers at major news publications struggle with injection wells too.

Take, for example, Ken Miller, of the Associate Press, who wrote this lede about last weekend’s Pawnee, OK, earthquake:

A record-tying earthquake in the edge of Oklahoma’s key energy-producing areas rattled the Midwest from Illinois to the southwest part of Texas on Saturday, bringing fresh attention to the practice of disposing oil and gas field wastewater deep underground.

Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Does Ken Miller realize that when he says, “the practice of disposing oil and gas field wastewater deep underground,” he’s used 11 whole words to describe what we in West Texas us a mere three letters?


SWD stands for Salt Water Disposal. These are the sites where we dispose of the salty water produced along with the oil.

So there you go, liberals. I just gave you an education. What you’re blaming those earthquakes on is called an SWD. The editors of your papers are free to use the term in headlines where you succinctly vilify the oil industry.

You’ll find that many of your readers are already familiar with the term due to their ubiquity. Since every oil well produces water, you’ll find SWDs all over the oil producing states. Everywhere! They’ve been there for decades.

Earthquake free decades!

That is until the windmill farms came along.

But before you try and prove windmills don’t cause earthquakes, let me ask you something.

These Stanford scientists said injecting waste water into the Arbuckle formation was the problem. Okay. How about just injecting into another rock formation? Say, the Wolfcamp?

It’s frustrating because if we didn’t have these injection wells environmentalists would freak out when we dumped the salty production water all over the ground.

Wait! I have an idea. Why don’t you use your science for something constructive? Devise a way to desalinate the water from the oil wells and use it for irrigation.

You could charge the oil company to take their salt water and charge the farmer for the fresh water. You make money on both ends! But then you’d become an evil millionaire or billionaire. Never mind.


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