Faith is not the opposite of reason.


faith vs reason

Does faith stand contrary to reason?

Faith is not the opposite of reason. I’m sick and tired of atheists on Twitter pitting faith against reason. 

They act like intellectual giants because they reject religion. They say that rather than put their faith in religion, they will use reason. You know. Like science and stuff.

Okay. Well, let me explain what atheists fail to understand about faith and reason. It highlights the deliciously ironic fatal flaw of atheists. 

First, the opposite of faith is doubt. Not reason. You either believe something or you don’t.

When you’re presented an idea, you stand at a crossroads of belief. On one side is the faith to trust that thing, on the other is doubt to reject it. 

So how do you choose? You use reason. Reason informs your choice to believe and accept or to doubt and reject. Reason works with faith. It doesn’t oppose it. 

Let me give you an example.

I was eating breakfast at Charlie’s Diner on Columbus Ave. with my atheist buddy. I got a sausage, egg, and cheese omelette with extra cheese and a side of bacon. And as I’m shaking a liberal amount of salt into its pools of grease, he looks at me disgustingly.

And I’m like, what? 

And he’s like, “You’re going to eat that.”

I answer him with my mouth full of cheesy egg, “uhh, yea.”

And he’s like, “That’s going to kill you. All that fat, salt, and cholesterol. Scientific studies show that it’s bad for you.”

Then he takes a bite of some dry, fat-free wheat toast. 

I get all angry. I swallow the wad of food and wipe the grease off my chin so I can yell. 

“You need a science study to tell you what to eat?! Guess what, Mike! People have been eating fat, salt, and cholesterol for all of human history. But now all of a sudden science tells you that you need to eat rice cakes and you do it!”

I enjoy my meal. Mike doesn’t. He’s miserable the rest of the day because he’s still hungry. And so far Death has not knocked on my door because of all the eggs I eat. 

See what that story illustrates? Mike had faith in science. He believed in it to the point that he allowed it to dictate what he ate. 

But I used reason to doubt science. I rejected its authority and ate its forbidden foods. Reason informed my decision. 

But either way both mike and I showed some degree of faith in what we believe. Because here’s the thing. None of us ever have 100% certainty in what we believe. There’s always some degree of doubt. 

So when atheists say we need to reject religion and accept science instead, we suffer. The world is too complex for us to scientifically know some things. For example what to eat.

And if atheists totally reject the spirit world, then their scientific approach to life should be better at making decisions in regards to the pure material world.

But it doesn’t. They fail. Why? They can’t even tell us what to eat. There’s nothing more basic to human life than that.

We’d all be healthier if we ate according to dietary guidelines in the Bible. 

That’s the deliciously ironic fatal flaw of atheism.

So what is the opposite of reason? Stay tuned to to find out!

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