“Eat this AND that”

Do you eat what you want? Or do you eat what you think you should eat?

God has given you the freedom, through Jesus, to eat whatever you want.

And yet, if you go to the bookstore, there’s a book that says, Eat This, Not That. How did human beings know what to eat before that book was written? And when was it written? The 1980s?

So, when did human beings come about? Day six of creation. So all the way from day six til the 1980s, people didn’t know what to eat.

That’s preposterous!

Eat This, Not That tells you what to eat when you go to Burger King. Father Abraham didn’t need that book. He knew exactly what to eat when he went into Burger King. He probably ordered a cheeseburger.

I know what some of you are saying. “Jimmy, Father Abraham didn’t get a cheeseburger. It’s not kosher.”

Are you so Bible stupid? When the angels came to visit Father Abraham, didn’t he feed them a fattened calf, bread, curds and milk? (Bible, page 80) He did.

Besides, Abraham is on page 80 of the Bible. All the food laws came from Moses, like page 300 or so.

You have the freedom to eat what you want. When Jesus broke the bread at His last supper, He wasn’t just tearing it, He was breaking it. Because it was unleavened bread. It was Passover. (Bible, page 699) And when His actual body was broken, so were all the symbolisms of what you have to eat. We have freedom now to eat whatever we want.

Yet here we are making up food rules for ourselves while ignoring rules that still stand. For example, sex rules.

Go ahead, get a book that says Eat This, Not That. I’m telling you, you can eat whatever you want, through faith in Jesus.

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