Donald Trump and the definition of Politics


Note: I wrote this last summer, sometime in August 2015.

Guys, I formulated a definition of Politics. It answers the question, “What is politics?” even through nobody is asking that question. My definition explains why Donald Trump is dominating right now in the Republican primary.

So what is politics? Politics is when a guy breaks the unwritten rules to get the power to write the written rules.

There’s a corollary to this. Politics is when the men who write the rules also dictate unwritten rules to keep their power.

So what does that have to do with Donald Trump in August 2015? Everything. Look at how he first surged in the polls. He made a comment deep in his announcement speech that Mexico is sending its criminals to America. The Democrat controlled media highlighted this throw away line in order to derail his campaign.

They demanded he apologize. He refused. Suddenly he’s the far and away frontrunner in the crowded GOP pack.

My definition of politics easily explains this.

Donald Trump violated a rule. You’re not supposed to say anything bad about illegal aliens. When you talk about illegals, you’re supposed to first comment about how hard working they are, then lament that we need to fix a broken immigration system.

Guys, let me ask you something. Can you open the United States Penal Code and point to the title, chapter, section, and line which prohibits negative comments about illegal aliens? And does that law prohibit violators from holding public office?

No. No such written, ratified, codified law exists. Yet every single other Republican candidate for president pussy foots around the illegal alien issue. It’s  as if a SWAT team will pounce on him and haul him away if he offends the sensibilities of illegals.

Let’s stop and revel in the irony. Mexicans who enter the country illegally have violated our written rules. That’s how they earned the moniker, “illegal.”

But their disregard for written law doesn’t end there. We Americans see illegal motorists violate written laws about registration, insurance, licensing, and sobriety. We see babies jumping around in laps without a car seat.

And how do these illegal aliens make a living? They work under the table or with a stolen Social Security number– or both!  All the while collecting welfare benefits.

The criminal cherry on top of this illegal sundae is that so many of the people pouring across the border violate the laws of conscience written on the human heart. They murder and steal. They get arrested, deported, and return under a different name.

This infuriates us true Americans! We hold justice in high regard. We look to the Republicans as our only hope to combat this painfully evident problem. And how do they respond?

With cowardice. They are so scared of the media enforcing unwritten rules about speech they fail to enforce the written law about immigration.

They live in terror that they might utter the wrong word or use the wrong facial expression and the media will cast them into the bottomless pit of racism.

Keep in mind that these punishments are as fake as the unwritten rules themselves. I mean what is the punishment for speech crimes? Scorn. Okay. But from whom? Liberals.

So all of us Americans are watching our country turn into a third world dump and the Republicans are more worried about suffering the scorn of people who wouldn’t ever vote for them anyways! WTF?!

Then along comes Donald Trump. He stands up and states the blatantly obvious. Mexico is sending its criminals to us. And if elected president, he’s going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

When he said that the liberals squealed, and screamed and scorned the Donald. He must apologize!

Must apologize? Must? What do you mean by “must?” Is there a rule written somewhere granting the liberal media legal authority to demand humiliating apologies?

No. Obviously not. And Trump didn’t apologize. Instead, he doubled down and the liberal media declared his campaign over.

Over?! Poof! Just like that? Let’s talk about liberal delusions here.

First they ignore the serious problem of illegal immigration. Then they presume to have the authority to demand apologies. And now they think that just by saying someone is done, poof, he’s done.

Well when they said trump was done, poof, he rose in the polls.

And this is what I’m talking about with my definition of politics. Trump didn’t follow along with their silly unwritten rules. And so he’s gaining power.

The Democrats have controlled the media for decades now to keep their power. They are up on Capitol Hill forging the written rules of this nation.

Meanwhile the Republicans can’t get over the hurdles of the unwritten rules that the Democrats encumber them with. They can’t gain access to that power.

But the Donald is playing the game of politics just as I described– and winning.

Now I know some of you at this point think this post is total stupidity. I’m saying that politics is all about gaining power by violating unwritten rules. So you’re like, “Okay, I’m going to break all those stupid unwritten rules and become President. I’m going to belch and scratch my groin at my next stump speech.”

Well, okay, you don’t get it. Here’s what I didn’t yet say about my definition of politics. You need to be a leader. Do you have followers? No. Then you are not a leader.

Do you have over 50% of the electoral college? No. Then you are not president.

The wrangling to climb to an official office of leadership requires the ability to know what unwritten rules to break all the while keeping your followers. In fact, in the process of breaking some unwritten rules you solidify your position as leader.

This is just a blog post. If I could dress this up with some more academic language, I think I’d have a sociology doctorate thesis here.

It’s like all of us here are followers. We want a leader. If he’s new, the subconscious test we have is if he will boldly disregard certain unwritten laws. Or if he’s already in power, we regard him as a worthy leader if he can make people follow rules that aren’t really rules at all.

Okay, guys, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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