Do I Really Believe This?

After church last Sunday, some people came up to me and were like, “Jimmy, do you really believe what you put up on”

And I was like, Are you asking if I believe the Bible?

And they were like, “No, all the stuff about food?”

And I was like, the Bible is more than just a book about food. I think that people deserve to hear all the wisdom in the Bible. At, we’re making an example of food just as a starting point.

And they were like, “No, Jimmy, do you really believe what you wrote about Reuben sandwiches being healthy?!”

And I was like, Jena, yes, the Reuben is a powerhouse of nutrition.

She had read my post, “Dr. Pavlov, Animal Cruelty.” In it I explored why Americans reject actual nutritious food, such as the Reuben, for food void of nutrition, such as lite salads. Health food isn’t healthy and it isn’t food.

This condemnation of the Reuben stems from what I call the Psychopathology of Sinners. We transfer our guilt from sexual sins to a morality based on food. Thus, we savor the feeling of starvation, thinking somehow it atones for our uncontrollable sexual appetite. It’s a conditional response, like Dr. Pavlov’s dogs eating bells.

Christianity is unique. Of all the religions on the Coexist bumper sticker, ours does not dictate dietary guidelines. But the guidelines regarding sex are stricter than even the religion of the C on that bumper sticker. This is because of what ultimately makes Christianity unique. Jesus rose from the dead. Nothing can truly constrain man’s sexual behavior besides God’s living Spirit. Eating food becomes a petty, meaningless matter compared to the relationship with God through faith.

The Bible says, “Give beer to the one who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress; let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.” (Bible, Proverbs 31:6) You know what I say? Give food rules to the one perishing in a worthless religion. Let him keep bacon from going down the hatch so he feels a small sense of accomplishment before the grave.

Who cares what you eat?!
A lot of people are with me to a certain point. They’re like, “Jimmy, I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right. We do emphasize food too much.” It’s an eye opening observation to them how the Bible deals with sex compared to food. But to them it only carries the significance of correcting a cute, historical factoid. For example that Christopher Columbus did know the Earth was round, but he underestimated its size.

Few are willing to go further and accept the wisdom in my Bible-based diet book, The Livet. Rule number one is eat whatever you want and don’t feel guilty about it. No, Jimmy, that’s just too much. It’s like they want to not eat foods they like and eat foods they don’t like.

Okay! I know it will take time. But if God wants me to make an issue out of food to prove his wisdom and turn hearts to Jesus, then may He give me the patience and the opportunity to teach you. After all God uses to foolish to shame the wise.

What we eat doesn’t matter to God. When we agonize over our food choices I believe we are wasting time because our body knows what it needs and tells us with hunger better than any book telling you, “Eat This, Not That.”

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