Did fracking cause the San Ramon California Earthquake Swarm?


san ramon earthquake swarm

San Ramon California Earthquake swarm of 2015 (via usgs.gov)

When an earthquake swarm hits Oklahoma, liberals blame fracking. But when an earthquake swarm hits Northern California, what do liberals blame? Windmills?

Last October, the United States Geological Survey reported 280 measurable earthquakes between the 13th and 25th of that month in San Ramon, California. That’s a full-fledged swarm.

Tom Barnidge covered the event for The Contra Costa Times. He wrote:

The mayor says most San Ramon residents he’s talked to have laughed off nature’s intrusions, even if the laughs sometimes hide hints of nervousness. The strangest question he’s been asked was if fracking had caused the tremors. (No, he said, there’s no fracking going on in San Ramon.)

Laugh it off?! How can you laugh off a natural even when you can blame human activity? At least one liberal tried to blame fracking. But there’s one problem. There ain’t no fracking going on the in the San Fransciso Bay area!

But you know what there’s a lot of in Northern California? Windmills. In fact, windmill farms sit on the shaky grounds of both California and Oklahoma.

This San Ramon earthquake swarm lends credence to my scientific theory that links earthquakes and windmills. Read my post Windmills Cause Earthquakes for more information. Thanks!

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