Democrats, repent and turn to Jesus

Many of you know that I am an aspiring Bible preacher and teacher. I listen to a lot of sermons on AM radio and at church. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of patriotic sermons where the preacher talks about how God has blessed America. He does this to a lot of ovation from the congregation. But then he goes on to admonish America about materialism and corporate greed. He’ll fold his arms, look around and say, “Oh, it just got quiet in here. I guess I struck a nerve.”

Well, the reason why it’s quiet is because everybody knows that that’s not the problem with America. The preachers are misdiagnosing the problem. Yes, materialism is a problem in America, and corporate greed is a problem.

I’m not a preacher. I’m just a truck driver. If I had the opportunity to preach from the pulpit, to diagnose and boldly address the problem in America, here’s what the title of my sermon would be: “Democrats, repent and turn to Jesus”.

I know what a lot of you are saying right now, you’re like, “Jimmy, you can’t say that!” Oh, you can’t? Okay. Democrats, don’t repent? Democrats, don’t turn to Jesus? Is that what I’m supposed to say? And then these same people are like, “No, Jimmy. No, no, no. You just can’t mix politics and religion.”

Oh, you can’t combine religion and politics? Do you want to take a time machine with me back to the middle of the 19th century? We’d go to Park Street Church in Boston. What would you tell those preachers warning America to abolish slavery? “Hey, you can’t mix religion and politics! You do a great disservice to both.” Go out and tell abolitionist preachers that. Those abolitionist preachers were preaching against the same people. Democrats. The Democrats were the party of slavery. They’re the party of the Jim Crow laws. They’re the party whose political action committee was the Ku Klux Klan. They should have repented back then. If they had, we could have resolved this enormous guilt they have over slavery. Instead, now they’re here projecting that guilt onto Republicans. The Republicans cannot be a racist party. They were founded from the Abolitionist movement. I bring this up to correct historical ignorance, and also right a wrong. Republicans are unjustly accused of being racist.

Let’s talk about the Democratic party platform today. As a preacher, you need to bring people back to the Bible. Jesus says, “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.” He’s talking about the devil. The three planks of the Democratic party platform are: 1. confiscatory taxation (theft), 2. abortion (kill), and 3. welfare (destroy).

A lot of preachers think that they need to shy away from these issues. But this is important as a preacher. You want to teach the Bible. I think that the evil in the platform of the Democratic party is so obvious that a lot of people in that party are going to want to repent. But who or what are they going to turn to instead? We Christians need to be there, boldly proclaiming the truths of the Bible. And that’s what I’m trying to do.

I’m not saying that if you’re a Democrat, you need to leave the party to be a Christian. I’m not saying that you can’t be a Christian while being a Democrat. The Bible says that wherever you were when you were called, that’s where God wants you to be.

I’m telling everyone you need to repent and turn to Jesus. Specifically now, I’m talking about the platform of the Democrat party. It is indefensible. I thought that with the Democrats denying God three times, even though it was just a symbolic gesture, it is a symbolic gesture that didn’t come out of nowhere.

So, Democrats, repent and turn to Jesus.


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