Connecticut Earthquake caused by Windmills in Massachusetts?

When five earthquakes happen in a five and a half hour span in Oklahoma, you blame fracking. When five earthquakes happen in a five and a half hour span in Texas, you blame fracking. But when five earthquakes happen in a five and a half hour span in Connecticut, who do you blame? You sure can’t blame fracking!

I’ll tell you who I blame. Windmills.

Today, Connecticut experienced a series of tremors felt in Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts. (It sounds widespread, but you Texans need to realize that the New England states are rinky-dink small.) So where’s the closest fracking location?

I tell you what. It isn’t in New York. Governor Cuomo banned fracking just as it became economically impractacle. So we’d have to look as far away as Pennsylvania for all those nasty injection wells and water trucks.

Are we to believe fracking as far away as Western Pennslvania caused an earthquake in Connecticut? I don’t. Instead, I believe the closest large scale windmill farm caused the earthquake. You can read my theory in my post, “Does Fracking cause Earthquakes? No. Windmills do.”

So where’s the closest windmill farm?

I tell you what. It isn’t in Connecticut. The liberals in the Constitution state want windmills, but not where they have to see them. In that regard they are just like their liberal friends outside Long Island sound on Cape Cod and Nantucket. Sustainable energy needs urgent action until it ruins their property values.

Wind farms are simply marvelous out in Western Massachsetts where Liberals only have to see them when they visit the Berkshires in the summer.

And that’s where, according to my research, the closest windmill farm might be. The Hoosac Wind Power Project. If you know a closer one, leave me a tip in the comments. I’m also considering if the windmill farms of Western New York could influence seismic activity in Connecticut. (I know that seems like far away, but again, remember all these states are pretty small.)

You know what’s crazy? I made a Youtube video about the giant exhaust fan for the Hoosac tunnel a few years back. Soon afterwards, there was an earthquake that I felt in the Mid-roof Freightliner. (I drive a Peterbilt now, don’t worry.) I was in Springfield when I felt it, so I immediately wondered if any damage was done to the Hoosac tunnel.

That video became a Google search result for that earthquake because I mentioned the earthquake in a note in the description wondering about the condition of the Big Bore.

No one left any good info. So I had to ask train conductors at the Beacon Hill rail yard in Boston. (which was also a scene for many of my youtube videos.)

So let me ask again. Did today’s five earthquakes damage the Hoosac tunnel at all? It would be so sad if Windmills built in the vicinity of the Hoosac tunnel made bricks fall or whatever because that windmill caused an earthquake some a hundred miles away.

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