Christians for Salt

If you deny God’s wisdom, and you find something else that’s foolishness but you say it’s wiser than God’s wisdom, and you deny God’s wisdom in order to embrace that foolishness; God will give you over to that foolishness completely, and you will ironically prove His wisdom.

This is the case with America, and Christians in America. We believe that science is higher than God’s wisdom. God has given us over to our foolishness known as science, and we ironically prove His wisdom through it.

Think, for example, about salt. Science teaches us that salt is bad, and our government, which represents us, is on a crusade against salt. The fact is, Jesus told His followers, “You are the salt of the earth.” And he meant that in a good way, because salt is a nutrient.

We Americans hate true Christians, the same way we hate salt. It’s alright if someone claims to be a Christian, but if that person looks to the Bible and looks to apply it to his life and obey God, then he is persecuted in the same way that we persecute salt. It’s one and the same.

We believe that salt is bad because of science, and we hold science in higher regard than we do the Bible. We’re completely given over to our foolishness. It’s a delusion to believe that we should eliminate salt from our diet. It’s just not true. Salt is a nutrient necessary for life. And the fact that we think it’s bad shows how delusional we are.

Right now, some people are like, “Jimmy, are you saying that because Jesus said, ‘you are the salt, then that’s a license to eat salt?”

Yes. Yes, yes I am.

Then what are YOU saying? That science holds more truth than God’s revelation? Are you saying that science is higher than God and His Word revealed to us in the Bible? You are.

I hear the sermons in church, I hear Christians talk. When they read the Bible, they only believe the parts of the Bible that they say are proved by science. They’ll read a part, and they’ll say, “Oh, yes, this has been proven by science.” Implying that every other part that hasn’t been proven by science — well that’s still up in the air. We can be a little skeptical of that until science tells us to believe otherwise.

No. The very fact that you are cutting actual nutrients out of your diet is the surest sign to me that God has given you over to a delusion.

Denounce science, and accept God’s revelation in His Word. That is my message to America.

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