Chilling predictions about the Clintons from Art Bell show in 1996. 

Guys, I’m sitting here in Artesia, New Mexico waiting on standby. I’m just doing some distance AM listening to kill the time and I pulled in 1110 KFAB from Omaha, Nebraska.

Amazing right? But not only did I pull in a broadcast from a long distance, I got a show from a long time ago. 
They’re playing Art Bell’s Somewhere in Time, which rebroadcasts episodes from the radio hall-of-famer’s archives. 
Today the rebroadcast was from a show originally aired in June 1996 in the midst of the Ken Star investigation. The guest was Rodger Morris, the author of Partners in Power, about Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. He and Mr. Bell recounted the rise to power and the criminal activities of the Clintons. Then they opined about the future of the couple and wondered if they could escape conviction and win reelection. 
What an amazing time capsule! You’d just have to listen to the show yourself. On one hand you laugh at the naive sentiment we held twenty years ago, but you also cringe at the disasters we were walking right into. 
For example, back then way too many people excused the terrible sexual and criminal activities of Bill Clinton because, “It’s the Economy, stupid.” Those same people called into Art Bell, who responded with, “Well, there are some ominous signs that there may be cracks in the economy.”
Sure enough, we had the Dot Com bubble which burst by the end of Clinton’s second term.
Rodger Morris himself said that though he was astounded by the wrong-doing of Clinton, it wasn’t the marital infidelity or sexual immorality, it was the abuse of power. In other words, it’s not that he forced women suck his dick, it’s that he had Arkansas State Troopers force women to suck his dick.
That kind of regard to morality of the 90’s lead to the Gay Marriage of today. It stems from the idea that what you do behind closed doors on your own time doesn’t matter. 
Some people called into the show to say that Bob Dole would win. But Mr. Morris and Mr. Bell warned everyone not to underestimate the Clintons. They have a track record of shaking off scandal to keep alive in politics. 
And today here we are in December 2015, trying to pin Mrs. Clinton down with a Benghazi email scandal while she runs for President. Meanwhile, Bill tours the world extorting money while getting happy ending massages. 
But that’s not the most chilling prediction from Art Bell’s show from the naive 90’s.
Mr. Bell commented about the weakness of Clinton’s foreign policy. Mr. Morris joked that foreign policy to the crew from Arkansas is what happens in Tennessee. And they laughed.
They laughed!
The 90’s under the Clintons was all about avoiding the Islam problem. They ignored the job we had to finish in Iraq. They did not retaliate for the USS Cole. They cut and ran in Mogadishu. They bombed aspirin factories. (on days when Ken Star made key announcements.)
That lead to 9/11.
Failing to take responsibility on the world stage allowed a monster to spawn and grow. The monster was Islam. 
But in 1996 it was just a joke. Can you imagine if Bob Dole in his campaign said he was going to take out Osama Bin Laden? Everyone would tell him, “Shut up, Bob. Bill is jamming on his saxophone.”
If the 90’s were a naive time, when we were rolling along on the steam of the dwindling American Hegemony, what can we say about today? If ignoring the problem of Islam in 1996 lead to them attacking us on our soil, what will happen when we purposefully import Islam into the mainland?
I shudder to think. It’s no longer a joke in the slightest. But I cannot help but laugh at the insanity. 
This radio show was a rebroadcast. Just the show. Not the commercials. Not the top of the hour news break. 
When Fox News cut in, they lead with an Obama sound bite from Paris today. “Make no mistake,” he said, “we’re took a giant step towards ending climate change.”
There our American president is in Paris, the city that just suffered a terrible Islamic terrorist attack. (and would have suffered another previously if it hadn’t been for those American servicemen who thwarted that attack.)
Our government is at war with a hoax. That is, they are engaged in a delusion. The blood and carnage is literally all around them. Literally. But they fight to not fight that real problem. They fight to fight an imaginary problem.
If Bill Clinton was an Ostrich who ignored distant problems, what can we say about Obama? What animal is he? A lemming running off a cliff? No. Lemmings run off cliffs, but they are avoiding predators.
Are there any creatures in the Animal kingdom who purposefully jump into the mouths of predators? Are there any animals who coral predators into their nest?
No. If there was such an animal, it wouldn’t live long.
Thank you. That’s my point. 
Goodby, America. LOL.
I laugh at our destruction. What else can I do?

Anyways, that Clinton segment is over. Art Bell is now taking a call from a woman who claims she communicates telepathically with Chupacabras. 

Dang. It’s too bad this is a 19 year old rebroadcast. I swear I saw a chupacabra running into the mesquite bushes near Barnhart Tx. It was night and I was rolling down a county road in my Peterbilt. 

I’d like to call in. Maybe this woman can telepathically confirm it was in fact a chupacabra. 

Oh, I got it. I will telepathically call the Art Bell show on June 19, 1996. I will telepathically tell them about my chupacabra sighting. 

Oh, and I will telepathically warn them about 9/11. If I get through. It’s busy right now. 

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