Cheap Chicken Friday Video #FBF

It’s Friday, Friday, Cheap Chicken Friday!

This Flashback Friday, we’re flashing back to my parody video of Rebecca Black’s youtube sensation Friday. It stars Stop & Shop’s Rotisserie chickens for $5.00 each.

This could never be on throw back thursday by definition.

This one comes all the way from May 29, 2011. (That’s the olden days in internet.) It’s back when I did reviews of supermarket circulars and investigative reports about Whole Foods Market. That’s what my youtube channel was about. Groceries.

It’s from that fierce competition that Super Stop & Shop rose to the top. Each week they won the Super Market Circular Review. Shaw lost all the time. And there were others such as Market Basket that won occasionally.

But anyways, Stop & Shop won a lifetime achievement award for introducing Cheap Chicken Friday. You could get a whole chicken for $5.00 on fridays. And a loaf of Bread for $.99.

I didn’t sing it in the video but we’d also get frozen green beans for a dollar.

That’s cheap eating!

At the time I made this we were barely getting by. A meal like that could feed me, my wife, and the kids.

Sure I could feed the kids Raman Noodles for cheap. But where’s the meat? Where’s the juices?

Friday we’d splurge on a $5 chicken. All ready cooked. Right there. Boom. Cheap Chicken.

That was the highlight of the week for work-a-day Jimmy and his family.

So we live in West Texas now. Boy do I miss Stop & Shop. There’s no Cheap Chicken!

Yea, grocery stores here sell rotisserie chickens. But they’re smaller. And the cost more than five bucks!

So enjoy my music video, composed on garageband app on my old macbook. I don’t even know how I composed a song, but I did. The whole music tracks and vocals. Except for the backgroud vocals.

Can you guess who sang backgrounds?

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