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Goodell hammers Brady in #DeflateGate — I PREDICTED THIS!


So Rodger Goodell finally announced his verdict against Tom Brady and the Patriots regarding DeflateGate and what can I say except I prediced this!

I’ve been saying for a long long time that the NFL doesn’t hold up justice as its standard. It holds up fairness. And look at the punishment the NFL brought against the Patriots: Tom Brady suspended for 4 games, a $1 million fine, and a loss of a first round draft pick. That’s unjust!

But to the mob of resentful, low-information sports fans, it’s only fair. The Patriots’s numerous victories is de facto proof that they cheat. And so DeflateGate provided an opportunity to punish them. Look at how the punishment singles out a single individual for no other reason than he is a prominent, successful man.

That’s what happens with fairness. All you can do is punish the successful.

Welcome to Barack Obama’s NFL

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Who Was Netenyahu’s Speech Directed To?

A lot of people heard Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the joint sessions of The United States Congress. They wondered who this speech was directed to.

Was he appealing to republicans? No. That’s preaching to the choir. Was it Obama? No. That fool won’t listen to the wise. Was it Iran? No.

Prime minister Netanyahu appealed not to any man. His speech appealed to justice. He held up the golden standard of justice. Israel stands under that standard. Read more

First came the Windmillers, then came the Earthquakes

Guys, who or what is a fracker? London’s newspaper, The Independent, blamed them for Oklahoma’s earthquakes in an article posted on Drudge.

I’ve met many men out here in the West Texas oilfield. Guys who’ve swung hammers on fracking jobs, guys who drive sand trucks, guys who run coiled-tubing jobs. But nobody has introduced himself to me as a fracker.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Kinkade, my name is Alistair Wimbledon and I am a fracker.” Read more

Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

Last week at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama told Christians to get off their high horse and stop judging Islam. Why? Because of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Many wonder how this supposed genius could spout such delusional malarkey. (excuse my language.)

Guys, the explanation is simple. Obama sympathizes, appeases, and allies himself with Islam, not because he believes in its tenets, but because they commonly despise the success of Christianity. Read more

My Critique of Jon Stewart. He’s no Limbaugh.

Guys, so many people are saying so many things about Jon Stewart’s departure from the Daily Show that I need to chime in. But first I got to say that I’ve barely watched the show. I don’t have tv let alone cable.

Here’s my critique. Calm down. Jon Stewart is not that amazing. Rush Limbaugh does what Stewart tries to do but much better. And Limbaugh has been doing it since the late 80’s. Limbaugh even had a television show that if you watched clips would make you think that the Daily Show looked to for “inspiration.” Read more

The Butler Interception and #DeflateGate VIDEO

Super Bowl Recap. Were the Patriots Lucky?

A lot of people are saying the New England Patriots didn’t win as much as the Seahawks lost.

Excuse my language. That’s a bunch of malarkey. That’s a bunch of friggin malarkey. Frick friggin frick stick malarkey. Again, excuse my language.

The Butler interception was a product of discipline on the Patriots part. Butler stuck to his assignment. The reason the Seahawks did not go to lynch is because WE SHUT HIM DOWN.

Super Bowl Preview. X’s and O’s. My Dog Attacks me pretending to be Vince Wilfork.


Guys, the dumbest thing I’ve heard is that the Patriots should contain Russell Wilson in the pocket. No. Big Vince needs to flush him out and the DEs and LBs need to do break down, move laterally and do jazz hands.


Alright, this is the last thing to be said about the game. Now it’s time to play!


Bible Verses for #DeflateGate

Bible Verses for #DeflateGate

Guys, claims mean nothing. Truth matters. Accusations mean nothing. Proof matters.

Someone CLAIMS the Patriot’s balls were deflated, then ACCUSES the Patriots of cheating. Excuse my language, but that’s a bunch of malarkey!

The Bible comes down HARD on those who make false accusations, who bear false witness, and who set traps on the innocent. The Holy Bible is not nice to hypocrites.

(NOTE: I’ll transcribe the Bible verses used later)

Patriots Predictions for Super Bowl XLIX vs Seattle Seahawks.

VIDEO: The Patriots did not cheat in #deflategate! The Colts did!

2 psi does not prove the patriots cheated. But 13 psi makes me suspect the Colts cheated!

The Patriots Did Not Cheat in #DeflateGate. The Colts Did!


When people heard that 11 of the 12 New England Patriots’ footballs were 2 psi too light at halftime, they all concluded the Patriots cheated. No! I say that the 2 psi drop indicates the Patriots did not cheat! Just read the rules.

The NFL Rulebook requires that both teams bring their balls to the NFL referees’s locker room for inspection before the game. Then the Operations Manual states, “Once the balls have left the locker room, no one, including players, equipment managers, ball boys, and coaches, is allowed to alter the footballs in any way.”

Did you read that? You cannot pump the footballs up or deflate them after the refs inspect them.

Right now some people are like, “Jimmy, that proves the Patriots cheated because their balls were lighter!”

No! The rules do not require the teams to maintain the balls in the required pressure range. In fact, since they cannot be altered after inspection, you can’t legally maintain the required 12.5 to 13.5 psi. Cold weather could cause Patriots balls to deflate and there’s nothing they could do.

“But the Indianapolis Colts footballs were fully inflated!”

Yea! Because THEY CHEATED!!

Maybe the Colts pumped their balls up during the game. Why? Maybe they schemed to drop a dime on the Patriots and accuse them of what any NFL team would be guilty of on a cold game day: under-inflated balls. And to make sure they didn’t also get in trouble, they topped their balls off.

If that’s true, they’re in violation of NFL Operations Manual which expressly prohibits altering the balls. They are the cheaters.

Oh, but they only inflated the balls to regulation pressure? That’s nice. But it doesn’t matter. The rules don’t allow you to alter the ball, even if it’s to bring the ball back to regulation pressure.

This would explain why the Colts’ players are acting really nice to the Patriots on twitter. Guilt.

This would explain why Colts’ Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson changed his story. Earlier this week, we heard Jackson noticed the Patriot’s football was soft after he intercepted it. But now he denies it. Maybe he never actually claimed that to begin with. It was all part of the script to sabotage the Patriots legacy.

This week, everyone will be doing science experiments on Wilson footballs. When the data comes in, it’s going to seem mighty peculiar that the Colts’ balls were still 13.5 psi at halftime.

Guys, today I made a bold accusation against the Colts. I’m a true New England Patriots fan. You frauds abandoned the team on account of 2 psi. Shame.

5 Reasons to SHUT UP about #DeflateGate — VIDEO

Some of youse are like judas iscariot. Except instead of 20 pieces of silver, it’s 2 p.s.i.

Why Deflategate Is Bad For Quarterbacks With Tiny Hands (and Good For The Patriots)

Deflategate is bad news for quarterbacks with tiny hands. Since everyone in the United States of Patriots-hate-ica wants to make a huge deal of football psi, the NFL commissioner will be forced to act in a comprehensive way that in the end nobody will like. Read more

Connecticut Earthquake caused by Windmills in Massachusetts?

When five earthquakes happen in a five and a half hour span in Oklahoma, you blame fracking. When five earthquakes happen in a five and a half hour span in Texas, you blame fracking. But when five earthquakes happen in a five and a half hour span in Connecticut, who do you blame? You sure can’t blame fracking!

I’ll tell you who I blame. Windmills. Read more

The Anti-Science Witch Hunt.

OK quakes a result of windmill construction --

Guys, remember my post, Witch hunt witch hunt? I couldn’t help but think of it today as I read a post on boing boing about Climate scientist Michael Mann. He complains that Americans go on a witch hunt against Scientists with whom they disagree. He wrote about this in an article published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, called “The Serengeti strategy: How special interests try to
intimidate scientists, and how best to fight back.”

Here we go again. Another witch hunt which hunt. Read more

NY Bans Fracking For Health Reasons

New York govenor Andrew Cuomo wants to ban fracking for health reasons. Guys, I live in West Texas. It’s a veritable forest of pump jacks and drilling rigs. If fracking was as bad as liberals believe, this area would be an uninhabitable toxic waste dump.

But it’s not. West Texas is a booming center of economic activity. People, like me, are coming here from all over in order to thrive. If anything, fracking is good for your health. Especially the health of your wallet. Read more

Christmas Haul 2014. Peterbilts and Guns!

Guys, the themes to this year’s Christmas were Peterbilt and guns. The boys got guns. Every item that I got related to Peterbilt. Some things that Julia got were related to Peterbilt.

A lot of people watched my Christmas Gift Giving guide 2014 and wondered how the stretch pants would go over with my wife. You know it’s pretty daring of me to purchase all my Christmas gifts at a truck stop. But it turned out to be the kind of big risk that paid off big time!

Guys, I bet you feel foolish for not thinking to buy your wife stretch pants along with Chocolate truffles for her to fill them out. That’s what it takes to wheel a hot chick. Take note, single guys.

Last Minute Gift Guide Christmas 2014


Guys, I did this last minute gift guide from the Peterbilt outside the Kent Kwik in Midland. You know, the one on Farm-to-Market Road 1788? Anyways, these truckstops are the best place for last minute gifts!

Don’t forget to watch my “Gift Giving Guide for Uncles” from the Christmas past. It’s four years old!

The Rats Eat Michelle Obama’s School Lunch #ThankYouMichelleObama


You know what I say about health food. It isn’t healthy and it isn’t food. I scornfully put quotes around “heath” and then around “food” then nest those quotes inside another set of quotes and I write ““health”“food.””

Now there’s another dimension to the health food stupidity of godless liberals. And it’s the same thing that turns all liberal dreams into real-life nightmares: unintended consequences.

KCBS in San Francisco reports today that schools who implemented Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school lunch are plagued by rats. According to liberals on location, the public schools do not have the infrastructure needed to support a large amount of fresh foods. Nor can they handle the huge amount of waste generated by its rejection. Read more