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Christmas is like a Meaningless Wedding

christmas is like a meaningless wedding

I feel like a jerk for saying this, but hey, we can save lots of money by not doing christmas/your wedding.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but how many stores have you been in that are already decked out with tinsel, ornamented spruce trees, and blinking lights?

Too many, right?! If you’re like me, the early onset of Christmas makes you sick. In fact, you know what it reminds me of? Meaningless weddings. Read more

Why I don’t stand with France


The Victory of Montcalm’s Troops at Carillon by Henry Alexander Ogden. via

I don’t stand with France because I don’t want to get blown up. They let in Muslims by the thousands, then they act surprised when Muslims did what Muslims do. They kill.

Guys, if you stand with the French and you won’t be standing for long. Your legs will get blown off.

You know what I stand for? I stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I stand against Islam. Christianity makes men like God. Islam makes men like dogs.

Liberalism makes men mad. (mad as in insane.) Read more

Ben Carson and the Pyramids

Ben Carson claimed in a commencement speech in 1998 that he theorized Joseph built the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Liberals dug the video up and published it on the internet for the purpose of heaping scorn on Dr. Carson.

Liberals, after all, decide what is scientific. And they told an accomplished surgical Doctor of neurology that he’s unscientific.

But typical of all attacks launched by the ungodly, this will backfire. Let me explain how Dr. Carson’s Pyramid statement will actually strengthen his bid for the Republican nomination and put liberals to shame. Read more

Car Seats for Hillary Clinton

Hillary clinton car seats

Hillary Clinton, visibly angry that Donald Trump prevents free car seats.

Guys, I’m going to make a bold prediction right here. I predict car seats will become a topic of debate among Democrats vying for the presidential nomination.

Right now a lot of you are chortling. “Pfft! Car seats?!”

Yea, car seats. You know, like for babies. Well, it used to just be for babies. But now infants, toddlers, adolescents, preteens, and even short teenagers need to sit in booster seats while riding in the car. Read more

The Catholicization of America by illegal immigration 

Illegal immigration from South and Central America will turn the United States of America from a Protestant country to a Roman Catholic country. And then what? Well, you know what I say. Catholicism leads to communism.  Read more

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes? No. Windmills Do.


Does fracking cause earthquakes? No. Windmills do.

Liberals look to the reports of increased earthquake activity and add it to their list of reasons why they hate fracking. Hold on there! I wouldn’t be so quick to blame fracking. In every place where earthquakes are on the rise, we see an increase in the construction of windmills. Read more