Can Anybody Stop Obama?

Tonight Obama issued a royal edict granting amnesty to millions of criminals. Earlier today, Drudge right asked on the, “Can anyone stop him?”

Yes. He will suffer a mortal blow. It won’t come from Republicans. It won’t come from a massive uprising of the American people. It will come from jilted Democrats.

Yes, that’s right. Betrayal.

Why? I explain that in an article I started writing last week. So stay tuned to read that when I publish it.

But how? That’s what I’m writing about right now.

I’m going to make a bold prediction
right here. I’m going to predict how it will happen. Ready?

I predict that some Democrats will not see any benefit from Obama’s lies. In fact, they will fall victim to Obama’s lies. In vengeance, they will turn to the Secret Service for the dirt. And the dirt, of course, will be Obama’s buddy entering the White House through the back door. You know what I mean? “Back door?”

This is a bold prediction, but also a cryptic one. That’s because the Bible commands me not to speak slanderously about anybody. So I have a little plausible deniability here because the subject matter here is not public knowledge. But the truth always comes out of the closet sooner or later. If you know what I mean.

The democrats love lies, until the truth better serves their end, which is destruction. Then they will force the truth out of the closet. I predict.

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