BOLD Patriots Prediction vs. Pittsburg Steelers – Week 1, 2015

Guys, on my youtube channel I make bold predictions about the New England Patriots. I haven’t been sharing them here on my website. This season, I will.

Honestly, for the past couple of seasons, my predictions videos have been terrible. (In fact, for the past few years all my youtube videos have been terrible.) But this season, my goal is to make my Patriots prediction videos better quality. You know, MUCH better quality.

Like I want to make them watchable even.

So I don’t know what the solution will be. Should I hide my face? You know like should I wear the ski masks I bought for grocery shopping?

No. I will prepare better for my videos. That’s it! (One season, I filmed most of the predictions driving to church. Inexcusable.)

This season I will write notes. This will eliminate those long pauses. I hope. For example in this video I forgot Dominique Easly’s name. I also forgot the name of the formation where the tight ends shift around. BIG TIME FAILURE! One of gronk’s TDs came on a shift like that. And his shifting on another lead to a TD for that former Bills TE.

What’s his name?

Oh, see! There I go again. I should have wrote notes before I typed this post.

Anyways, there are lots of areas for improvement. And I’ve said before that my goal is to be the New England Patriots of making BOLD predictions about the New England Patriots. (watch that video here.)

So it’s on to Buffalo.

Wait no. I shall make a recap video of the Pittsburgh game first. Then it’s on to Buffalo.


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