Democrat Bob Brady and the Pope’s Backwash


Daily Mail

Guys, we’re coming up on the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, okay? And London’s Daily Mail ran a story about a United States Congressman, Bob Brady, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, stealing cup of water that the pope drank from.

The Pope drank from that cup as he addressed congress. Congressman Brady grabbed the cup and drank from it. Then he let a few others take a swig. According to the article, he plans to bring the rest home to sprinkle on his grandkids.

Pope backwash.

In my last post, The Catholicization of America by Illegal Immigration, I talked about how the Democrat Party and the Catholic Church seem like strange bedfellows because of abortion.

But no. Democrats are power hungry hypocrites.

Just look at Bob Brady. When I did, the first person I thought of was Ted Kennedy. So if Catholic Democrat Bob Brady looks like Ted, does he vote like Ted?

Yup, Congressman Brady earned an A+ score from Planned Parenthood. He’s a top notch baby killer.

Here’s his record on abortion.

So what did the Pro-choice Democrat think about the Pope’s speech to our Protestant formed and funded government? According to the Daily Mail:

White added that Representative Brady ‘was immensely moved by the speech. He thought the Holy Father spoke to issues he cared deeply about … especially caring about the poor and the Holy Father’s concern about our environment.’

Daily Mail.

Sounds like liberal malarkey! (Please excuse my language.) You don’t really care about the poor if you kill them before they are born.

The Political Party of Science

On another subject, the cool kids want you to think that the Democrat Party are the scientific ones. And yet here’s a Democrat thinking he gets special blessings by drinking from a cup that some old religious guy drank from.

Look, I’ve been told never to make fun of another guy’s religion. So believe me, I had to edit this post a bunch of times to keep it somewhat respectable. You guys know that I’m religious and I get made fun of a lot.

But let’s not pretend that a pro-choice Democrat is a sincere man of faith. And let’s not pretend that science is a unique attribute of Democrats.

Oh, and if I was a reporter I’d ask him how the Pope’s lunch tasted.

Guys, science doesn’t just happen. It takes a Reformation to break man’s mind from mystical belief.

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