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A lot of people ask me why I reference the Bible by page number. Actually, they don’t ask me. They command me to stop, treating me like I’m some heretic who denies Science.

Here’s the thing. When you reference the Bible by page number, it sounds more authoritative. Besides, Jesus didn’t use the chapter and verse method of referencing scriptures. He just said, “As the prophet Isaiah says…” See? It’s right here on page 566.

I don’t care what you guys think about how I reference the Bible. In my mind, you should know the Bible so well that you can pick up any reference and immediately know what page and what column and what paragraph you can find that. And that page is probably all wrinkly because you fell asleep reading the Bible right on that page. #dedication

Also, kids today have all these newfangled smartphone Bible apps. They should be able to do a keyword search.

But anyways this was going along fine until my web development team was nagging me. And when she pointed out that people search the web by chapter:verse notation. And we’d get more hits if we used it. I was like, “Honey, when you transcribe my post, you can find the chapter:verse reference if you want. I ain’t got time for that.”

Looks like that’s gonna happen. So all the old folks who double click links and use chapter:verse references will be happy from here on out at


  1. kenny says:

    Greetings from Singapore!
    I’ve been reading from your most recent entries until this one. I’ve gotta say you’re a really biblical man and there’s a lot for me to learn from you.
    However, I feel that in this post you showed some form of superiority as compared to others who are less matured spiritually? Correct me if i had misunderstood your intentions in anyway.
    The spirit that you wanted to impart is good, we should definitely be more dedicated in reading His words, and praise God that you’re convicted of this!
    But the bible said that if i prophecy, speak in tongues and all sorts of things without love(not the exact wordings), we’re nothing.
    We’re called to love others, not condemnation.
    Our tongues were made to build people up, not tearing people down.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, kenny! glad you found me all the way in singapore. The Bible passage you’re alluding to is page 812. But it’s more commonly referred to as I Corinthians, Chapter 13. (see, I’m learning.) But about being more loving, You’re probly right. God wants me to be more loving and respectful to my readers. So that is what I will work on.

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