Are you happy with the George Zimmerman verdict?

Are you happy with the George Zimmerman verdict?

Everywhere I look, I see people who are very happy about the verdict. People like Ted Nugent, who love justice, are happy.

And then there’s a whole group of people, let’s just call them fools, who are happy too. They’re ostensibly angry about the verdict, but that gives them the chance to run around and act like fools. That gives them the chance to throw little temper tantrums, like in Times Square. And vent on FaceBook about how angry they are. They’re going to punch things. These fools love to rage against the machine. And if there’s one thing they’re sad about, it’s that there aren’t enough machines to rage against, now that George Bush isn’t President anymore.

I am happy about the verdict because I am on the cause of justice. So I’m happy that George Zimmerman won’t be falsely punished for crimes he didn’t commit. I’m glad that he was found not guilty. But I’m also a little bit sad, because that’s not enough. Trayvon Martin should be posthumously charged with disorderly conduct and assault. Okay?

The Bible says, “Flog a mocker, and the simple will gain prudence. Rebuke a wise man, and he will be wiser still.” (Proverbs)

These fools all around America need to know that if they attack a man, he might attack you back. Your life could end if you’re such an idiot as to assault somebody.

All these fools going about, flaunting their folly and throwing their little temper tantrums, they can gnash their teeth all they want about the fact that a neighborhood watch guy shot and killed a guy that was attacking him. But you know what? They’re probably not going to walk through that neighborhood in Florida and attack someone again. I suspect that burglaries will go down in that neighborhood.

I want to talk about something that’s very important, and then I’m going to talk about something else that’s also important. Many of you won’t want to go with me on this journey, but I think that you should.

It’s the fact that people are saying, “Oh, it’s so sad that George Zimmerman shot a 17 year old boy.” You know what, honey? A 17 year old is not a boy. And here’s what I want you to understand. If you treat a 17 year old like a boy, he will never stop being a 17 year old BOY. Ten years could go by. He’ll be 27. And he’ll still be a BOY living in his mother’s basement, smoking pot, not holding down a job, and enjoying street fighting. Trayvon Martin enjoyed street fighting and pot. And you treat him like a boy.

The problem is our society is it’s effeminate. We don’t want to look at a 17 year old like a man, we want to look at him like a boy. You’re all a bunch of mothers. You want to gather Trayvon up and snuggle him next to your breast and say, “There, there, Trayvon, it’s okay.” Well, it takes a father to say, “You know, it’s time to grow up. Stop smoking marijuana. It’s time to stop street fighting.” That’s what a father would do.

Our whole justice system and government is like a mother hen. That’s the problem with America. Trayvon Martin didn’t go out to the store to buy a Mountain Dew and Skittles. No one just “goes out for a walk” when you’re a 17 year old young man. He went out because he was up to no good. If he wasn’t smoking pot, then he was probably in some street fight. On the way back, he grabbed some Mountain Dew and Skittles. When he comes home, and his mom’s like, “Trayvon, boy, where were you?” He was like, “MOM! I was at the store buying Skittles!” 17 year olds are always yelling. I know because I was once one.

You might be seething with anger at me trying to suggest that Trayvon Martin was up to no good. You might think it’s a preposterous and unfounded accusation. Well, I say that it’s a preposterous, unfounded accusation to say that George Zimmerman was out trying to hunt and kill black people. You’re accusing him, unfounded, of murder. All I’m accusing Trayvon Martin of is smoking marijuana and street fighting.

Young men need discipline. Unfortunately, we didn’t discipline Trayvon Martin, and he was shot. It’s sad, and it’s sorry to say. BUT if we want to prevent more deaths like Trayvon’s, then we need to discipline our kids.

So. Do you understand how if you treat a 17 year old like a boy, then he’ll never become a man? The next step I’m going to take is going to be a painful one. It’s this. If you treat a whole demographic like they’re infantile and childish, then they will never NOT be infantile and childish.

You see where I’m going? Because I know some of you are begging me to stop.

If we treat black Americans like they are inferior, juvenile victims, they will never NOT be inferior, juvenile victims.

Trayvon’s friend, Rachel Jeantel, submitted into evidence a letter reportedly hand-written by her. She was asked to read it back. But no, she can’t read cursive. It’s a preposterous lie that she wrote that letter. But everyone’s into excusing her. “Oh, truth means something different to her.” Really? Truth means something different? There’s more than one truth? So you’re saying that truth to black people is different? Jesus said, “I am the truth.” So when you’re saying that truth means something different to black people, you’re saying that they are incapable of being Christians. They are incapable of understanding Jesus, because Jesus says, “I am the truth.” But you say that truth is a little bit different to black people.

You know, the Bible is a racist book. God is a racist God. There are too many peacenik liberals in church who don’t understand how terrible and awful the God that we worship is. The ultimate form of love that God showed us was a bloody man on a cross. That’s His love. So what’s His hatred like? It’s awful.

I aspire to be a Bible preacher and teacher. So in the coming weeks, Lord willing, I’d like to prove to you how racist the Bible is. I want to show you how racist God is.

You may gnash your teeth at that and say it’s awful. Maybe you should just “like” Feeding Jimmy on FaceBook, or subscribe to my posts. I suspect that at some point, God will vindicate me. You’ll understand what I’m writing about and saying. And hopefully it won’t be too late.

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