The Anti-Science Witch Hunt.

OK quakes a result of windmill construction --

Guys, remember my post, Witch hunt witch hunt? I couldn’t help but think of it today as I read a post on boing boing about Climate scientist Michael Mann. He complains that Americans go on a witch hunt against Scientists with whom they disagree. He wrote about this in an article published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, called “The Serengeti strategy: How special interests try to
intimidate scientists, and how best to fight back.”

Here we go again. Another witch hunt which hunt.

What is a witch hunt which hunt?

When liberals get backed into a logical corner, rather than admit their deception and renounce their folly, they scream “Witch Hunt!”

This instinctive reaction follows the adage “The best defense is a good offense.”

It puts the prosecutors of truth on the defensive, as they try to distance themselves from the undeserved bad reputation of anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy who was supposed to share the crime of the Reverend Samuel Parris in the Salem Witch Trials, as depicted by playwright Arthur Miller, who was a communist.

Not everyone is fooled by this tactic. Mark Steyn mocked Michael Mann on the National Review Online on July 15, 2012.  Since then he has not backed down despite lawsuits brought by Dr. Mann accusing him of slander. (You can read about that on the daily caller.)

Think about what a witch hunt is. A group of medieval ministers accuse a woman of being a witch. Then they make it impossible for her to disprove her witchhood. In fact, every credible defense she makes only proves she is a witch. Then they hang her. Or crush her like they did to accused wizard Giles Corey.

Hey, she’s a witch! What else are you supposed to do?

That makes everyone hysterically afraid they might be accused of being a witch. Everyone’s on edge. Then some unscrupulous people take advantage of the situation and throw out some witch accusations against people they don’t like. Heh, heh, heh. If you can’t beat them, witch them. After all, Giles Corey had some land you wanted.

So liberals get in Americans’ minds that the communist scare of the 1950’s was nothing more than a witch hunt by Senator McCarthy. Except there were actually communists trying to infiltrate America.

So when Bill Clinton sold missile technology to the Communist Chinese in the 1990’s, even thought that actually happened, bringing it up is just a witch hunt!

Anti-Science Witch Hunt

Liberals fail to see that when they accuse conservatives of going on a witch hunt, they are stoking the same sociological phenomenon of a witch hunt. That’s why I call it a witch hunt witch hunt. Go ahead and try to prove you’re not conducting a witch hunt. It only further proves you’re hiding the fact you’re out to hang witches.

Accusing modern Americans of being anti-science is exactly like accusing a medieval woman of being a witch.

The clergy authoritatively declares that which is sacred and that which is of the devil. You better stay on their good side or else you will find yourself on trial for being a witch.

Hey! Who gets to decide what is science now-a-days? Liberals have taken the mantle. Liberals declare that which is science and condemn that which is anti-science, also known as Christian.

The followers of Jesus Christ have no business even pretending to offer empirical evidence or use objective reasoning. By definition, Christianity means you are anti-science.

Man Made Earthquakes from Windmills

Let me remind you that I, a devout Christian, postulated a theory that this burst of earthquakes we’re feeling in the United States is caused by windmills. I even made a graph to compete head-to-head against Michael Mann’s hockey stick graph.

Below is the proportional relationship between windmill farm output in Oklahoma and the incidences of magnitude 3 or greater earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Is it empirical? Yes. Did I use objective reasoning in my theory? Yes.

Is is Science? No. It’s anti-science because I’m a Christian.


OK quakes a result of windmill construction --

Will this survive the Anti-Science witch hunt?


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