America’s Mustache

The ironic thing about ironic is that nobody even knows what ironic means.

The best we can gather is that it has something to do with mustaches.

God knows what irony means. He doesn’t tell us. He demonstrates it to us. And ironically, He uses us to demonstrate to our own selves what irony means.

Take, for example, the representative of the entire United States of America. One man, Barack Obama. Who grew a mustache himself.

Now why did he grow a mustache? Because he was traveling to the Middle East, where the mustache is a symbol of masculinity, respect, and power.

What did he do in the Middle East? He bowed to kings and kissed their rings. Hashtag ironic.

Or how about the medal he wears about his neck? A peace prize given by the Nobel committee. What was his first order of business after winning that prize? War. He began military action in Libya. And he’s now helping along a war in Syria. He lent his efforts towards destabilizing an entire region leading to chaos and violence. This chaos lead to the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.

Hashtag ironic.

And now, ironically, for an un-ironic genuine mustache:

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