America, Asleep Like Jonah

This Sunday my pastor preached out of the book of Jonah. And we all got a good laugh out of God’s prophet falling asleep in the bottom of the boat during the storm.

Can we Americans really laugh at Jonah? Aren’t we a city on a hill? Yet we are rebelling against God’s commands. There’s a storm brewing all around the globe. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are all gearing up for war against us. It would be better for us if we were actually asleep to this storm.

But we’re not. We’re just rolling around the bilge like its a game.

Everything is a game to the over-entertained, sleep-deprived American.

Look at how Sleep is a theme in the Bible. Fools always sleep at the wrong time. For example at harvest when it’s time to work. Or most famously when Jesus asked his disciples to stay alert and pray right before his betrayal.

America found a folly worse than sleep. Entertainment.

To the fool’s credit, sleep is actually beneficial. Yet we entertain ourselves when we would be better off sleeping. And the resulting sleep deprivation makes us worse still.

This entertainment I’m talking about is television, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, GameBoy, Vine, Candy Crush Saga, TMZ, et cetera. You know it. That vain activity you do instead of sleep. Which you do instead of work.

Please allow me to update Proverbs 24:33-34:

“A few tweets, a little tumblr, a little watching of TV to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.”

Why did Jonah fall asleep in the bilge? Pastor said it’s because fighting against God is tiring. I guess there’s a Psalm that says something to that effect. Uhh, yea. Look, I’m not going to argue with Pastor Daniel. But in order to jive with the flow of this post I need another reason. It’s because of self loathing. There you go.

We Americans aren’t self loathing. We love ourselves. What we loathe is work. And it’s tough work being the lone superpower.

So we make a game out of it. It’s entertainment. Just rolling over the ribs of the bilge of the ship during the storm. Wee! Let’s live tweet when the water breaches the hull. Duck face underwater selfie. Click.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, America’s reaction was like its attitude toward the NFL’s AFC championship game. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but two teams played a game there. But all the preludes told a soap opera story of only two men, Tom Brady vs. Payton Manning. That’s to ramp up the entertainment value of the game for the casual football fan.

Vladimir Putin vs. Barack Obama. It’s a soap opera story told to entertain you. You’ll read the headline and shake your head. Perhaps you’ll chortle. But you’ll move on with the vain distractions in your life.

Does it matter that real people died? Does it matter that our Pax Americana hangs in the balance? No. It’s entertainment, just like the NFL. All that matters is that nobody makes disparaging comments about blacks in the process.

Now if Vladamir Putin called Barack Obama a nigger? Look out!

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