Science. A Monument to Folly.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter. It is the glory of a king to discover a matter. (Bible, page 589)

The matters of our natural world. The matters of our supernatural world. The matters of our hearts and minds. All of these mysteries are concealed by God and not instantly recognizable. And for those of us men who are obsessed with uncovering these mysteries, and to try to make them known, we engage in a noble task. That’s why the Bible says that it’s to a king’s glory to figure these things out.

It’s a mystery how to get to the moon. The fact that the United States of America got there, and planted our flag on the moon, is something we’re very proud of. It’s part of our glory.

One thing that has spurred a lot of thought into uncovering the matters of God is science. Science is a pretty simple idea. Look for natural explanations for natural things. Test and retest theories about why certain things behave the way they do in our natural world.

Remember that our natural world was created by God, and he concealed a lot of things. It is to a king’s glory to un-conceal these things. But the power in learning about of God’s natural world, science, has become a thing in itself. We tell each other, science “says.” Oh really? The continual testing of hypotheses says something? It’s been given a mouth? It utters words? It’s an oracle? Does it have a proclamation for us? Science “teaches.” Oh really? Science is a teacher now? Every night on the news, you hear the words, “studies suggest.” Scientific studies are now lurking in alleyways, and as you walk by, studies whisper, “Hey, I’m a scientific study. Listen to this. Eggs are bad for you! Cell phone usage leads to brain cancer!”

Science has become a Thing that does things and says things. It “blesses” us with accomplishments. We do something like fly a really fast airplane, and we say, “Science made this possible.” We got on the moon and we say, “Thank you, Science.”

How about, “Thank you, God”? Is God not the one who has created these mysteries? Did God not create man with the intelligence to fly in a big piece of metal, and bring that big piece of metal up to the moon which God created? No, it’s not God, it’s science.

So Jesus’ work on the cross, that’s not what Jesus did. It’s the work of carpentry. After all, Jesus was a carpenter hung on a wooden cross. So we have carpentry to thank for the great work of salvation. Not Jesus! It’s carpentry that we thank! Can I get an amen? Can I get an amen for carpentry?

There is nothing new under the sun. (Bible, page 632) We talk about science, and we act like science has changed humanity. We say, “Humans learned to bang rocks together, and then made axes, spears, and arrows. They changed humanity.” And then science teaches that when human beings discovered fire, it changed humanity. We’re different people.

We are the same people as on day six of creation. We’re the same sinful human beings. There’s nothing new under the sun. That was written in the Bible before science was even thought of. It was written by King Solomon, a man who was brilliant and wise. He lived in a time when things were built by means that we can only guess at. For example, the pyramids.

There’s nothing new under the sun. For we have this mere process, science, that we’ve made into an idol, and we say it has a voice that teaches us and tells us to do things. When in fact, it’s just part of God’s creation. Nothing new under the sun.

Think of the Tower of Babel. Mankind built the Tower of Babel. They disobeyed God. God said to go out in all the earth to fill it and subdue. But man said, “No. We are going to get together in one spot and build a tower. But we’re not going to build it with stones, God, because You created stones. We’re going to build it with bricks, because WE made bricks.”

That was science. Those bricks that made the Tower of Babel were science. They said it was a thing that God hadn’t created. But that’s not true at all. If man could actually create bricks, he’d have to start with absolutely nothing, speak into existence matter, and from that matter make bricks. Otherwise, he’s just crunching up that which God has already made, stirring it around and baking it, using heat that God created, and then saying that he made it. He didn’t make anything.

Same with science. You just stir around part of God’s creation, call that stirring a thing — science — and say, look what we made. You haven’t made anything. The only thing you made is a monument to your folly. And it will burn along with everything else in the created order when God unleashes His judgment on mankind.

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