A Christian’s Prayer for Ebola

A Christian’s Prayer for Ebola:

Dear God,

Please keep Ebola out of Texas.
Oh God, send it to Washington, DC.

You are a God of Justice who calls men to account.
Can a man live up to the standard he holds against you?
Our leaders think they can swing open the country’s gates for the world to plunder our treasury.

Okay. Fly a horde of Ebola non-stop to Washington Dulles.
May West African tourists have a sudden urge to tour the White House.
May they sneeze uncontrollably on all doorknobs!

Oh Lord, what about those who mock you?
Let’s see if Obamacare can save the White House from Ebola.
If you bring our leaders to their senses,
maybe they will shut the nation’s gate.

You hold the king’s heart like a stream of water.
Make him shake hands with African leaders.
Make him hug nurses who treat Ebola.
Because America rejected you, let’s see if healthcare.gov can stop this disease!

May the wicked be undone by their own wickedness,
but may those who serve you be spared from foreign diseases.

Lord, save Texas from Ebola.
Send it to Washington, DC!


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