50 State Sweep. 2012 Election Prediction.

I’m gonna make a bold prediction right here. I predict Mitt Romney will win the 2012 election in a 50 state sweep.

Mitt Romney is the New England Patriots of presidential candidates. What is Barack Obama? The Buffalo Bills? Yes, they are both failures. But the Bills have some talent. No-talent Obama is worse than the Bills. President Obama shows up to a football game ready for a cricket match. OBAMA IS UNAMERICAN!

They play cricket in Pakistan. Or as he pronounces it: Pock-EEE-stan. Who does this? He pronounces Pock-EE-stan and Tal-EE-ban correctly. Even when he, a Nobel prize winner, pledges to bomb them to smithereens.

As a Massachusetts resident who voted for Romney for governor, let me tell you what. The guy took office with a massive Taxachusetts deficit. He left with a rainy day fund. What?! Yea! Extra money. He accomplished this working with a solid Democrat Massachusetts General Court.

The guy is a problem solver. Massachusetts, the Salt Lake City Olympics, various private companies around America, all failing due to inept leadership. Then in rides Romney on a White Horse. So what if he has Tonto. Tonto is better off working for Romney than roaming the range. Besides, Elizabeth Warren took the job lined up for him at Harvard. (Tonto is a lawyer by trade.)

When did America start to vilify success?

What the WTF is wrong with this country? If a guy has a stunning track record in private business saving companies and starting companies and earns tons of dough along the way, we’re supposed to get stoked. We’re supposed to tell our little snot nosed kids to work hard and match his success. Voting for such a guy should be as easy as pressing the Easy Button. (courtesy Staples.) Or enjoyable as pounding a Whopper. (courtesy Burger King.)

These are both companies saved or created by Bain Capital.

How long have I heard idiots pine longingly for a political candidate who doesn’t have a closet full of skeletons? Finally we get a guy who is of such upstanding character, you’d wonder if he’s been groomed for the presidency since 1843.

Some people right now are like, “Jimmy, yea but Romney is a Mormon. Isn’t your website, feedingjimmy.com, a Christian one?” Oh, Romney is a Mormon? Really? I was wondering what filthy rich donor funded the magnificent Mormon temple along Route 2.

Oh, okay. What are we Christians supposed to do? Get suckered into suddenly declaring that Mormonism is not a cult just because we want to save our own skin from a malicious President who’s trying to destroy our country and way of life?

Sheesh. A plot that diabolical would be powerful enough to sweep the nation like a red tide.

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