2012 election: I predicted this

The 2012 election is over. What can I say except, I predicted this. (Read my prediction here, 50 State Sweep. 2012 Election Prediction.)

I predicted that Mitt Romney would sweep every state except for those in which Democrat chicanery was insurmountable. Massachusetts, and as it turns out, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, had an insurmountable amount of Democratic chicanery.

But my other posts, Mormon Melchizedek, Will over Word, and Right Hook, those still have redeemable ideas that apply to you and to now. Especially the references to the Bible.

I’m sorry that Mitt Romney didn’t win. We’ll break the election down soon.

In Massachusetts, Scott Brown lost. I’m sorry about that too. But I also predicted that. You can’t out-Democrat a Democrat. Who runs as a Republican being for abortion? Scott Brown does.

Who would have bet against Richard Tisei? But that’s the nature of gambling on political outcomes. It’s illegal, but some people do it. All that money lost goes somewhere. John Tierny sure doesn’t know where.

I think libertarian candidate Dan Fishman deserves a helicopter tour of the 6th Congressional District as a reward.

Something’s Fishy
Did you notice something strange about the election numbers? Romney’s numbers didn’t match McCains. Doesn’t seem right. Each election beats the previous election’s numbers, yet according to the numbers this election had lower turnout than previous elections.

How could election turnout be lower?

Congratulations, Democrats
I want to congratulate all the Democrats for the win. I made a post awhile back called Democrats, repent and turn to Jesus. So read that, because it’s still important.

A lot of people accuse me of being partisan. But I’m speaking up on behalf of God and the Bible, and in doing that, I hope people turn to Jesus. I’ve read the whole Bible, and I can’t find the part that says, “Don’t mix religion and politics.”

You need to stay up to date on feedingjimmy.com, now more than ever. We know what we’re in for with our President. Chaos and Destruction. People need to know, now more than ever, about the true, food eating freedom that we have in Jesus.

It’s part of our human nature to want to have a king. And if our king isn’t Jesus Christ, then we’re going to find the most ridiculous things to be our king.

Ancient Israel had judges, which was a system that is supposed to work in the interim before Jesus came. But people were clamoring for a king. God led the prophet Samuel to find Saul. And that didn’t work out so well. You can read about it in the Bible.

Where does Jesus stand on the election?
Jesus isn’t a Republican, and Jesus isn’t a Democrat. I don’t think it’s right to say Jesus is an Independent. An Independent in America is some wishy-washy weenie. Jesus is not a whishy-washy weenie!

Jesus is the standard. We need to compare our standards to Jesus.

So let’s compare the Democrat and Republican parties to Jesus. I can’t help but notice that the platform of the Democratic Party is one of death and lawlessness.

A lot of candidates, in their concession and victory speeches, are saying we need bipartisanship. We don’t. That’s not the solution. Bipartisanship is when Republicans give in to Democrats.

What we need is to obey God.

So that’s the point I’m trying to get across on feedingjimmy.com. I think I can make an example of food to show the folly that we believe when we deny God’s wisdom. Food is the best example. The same people who say that you can’t legislate morality are the same people who legislate food morality. And we relected them!

So once again, congratulations to the Democrats. I see how happy you guys are on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned to www.facebook.com/feeding.jimmy on facebook, for Bible-based wisdom on food and all aspects of life. There are going to be posts about food, politics, sex, money, race.

Now that we’re in a post-racial America, I think it’s okay to talk about race relations. But from a Bible point of view. I know a lot of you are delighted to hear that.

Stay tuned. Thanks.

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