Did Windmills Cause the Delaware Earthquake?

Delaware Earthquake

Did windmills cause the 4.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Delaware this Thursday, November 30, 2017? Dagum, I hope so. I want all those windmills torn down.

The Delaware Online characterized the seismic event as unusual in an article entitled ‘This is wild,’ USGS says of Dover 4.1 earthquake:

A geophysicist, Cheng Shengzao, with the USGS, said the East Coast quake was surprising.

“This is wild. It’s not often that this happens,” Shengzao said.

A 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit just east of Dover in 1879, according to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Gee, earthquakes don’t happen often in Delaware. Can we blame fracking? No. Due to a slump in oil price, the Marcellus Shale Gas Formation has seen a steep decline in fracking activity. But the windmill construction boom continues unabated. Read more

How I cook Peanut butter and Cranberry Sauce sandwiches

How I cook Peanut butter and Cranberry Sauce sandwiches

Science was wrong about fat.


For all human history human beings have eaten fat. We’ve thrived doing so. We’ve spread out over the earth while eating fat. Everywhere we’ve gone we’ve encountered animals who also eat fat. This has been going on for a long time. You know, since like day 6.

Then all of a sudden in the 20th century Science declares that fat is bad for you. Science commands any animal who has will power over what he eats, which is only humans, to stop eating fat. Read more

#PIZZAGATE is Believable

#pizzagate is believable. I’m not saying it’s true. I’m just saying I’m able to believe the same sexually immoral criminals who brought you Gay Marriage would also molest children.

Wellesley Chicks Terrorized by Trump Flag

The Boston Globe reported that CIS male Babson students (a microaggression) drove around the Wellesley college campus in a pickup truck (a microaggression ) waving a Trump flag… a MEGA AGGRESSION!!!!

By the way, the Globe authors of this article presume the gender of the entire Wellesley college by calling it an “elite all-women campus.” It’s not just women. Genders at Wellesley run the full gamut — except for CIS male. 

It is a Sin to Vote for Hillary Clinton 

It is a sin to vote for Hillary Clinton. There I said it because your pastor didn’t. 

Ed Stetzer: Evangelicals Sold their Soul for a Bowl of Trump


Ed Stetzer wrote Evangelicals: This Is What It Looks Like When You Sell Your Soul For A Bowl Of Trump on his blog, the Exchange. In it he laments that white Evangelical voters don’t judge politicians by their private actions. He then accuses us Donald Trump voters of hypocrisy if we also had a problem with Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.

Okay, Big Ed, your blog is called the Exchange? Get ready for some back and forth. 

First, the idea that evangelicals are less moralistic than they used to be comes from an opinion poll published by the PRRI/Brookings Institute and reported on by New York Magazine. They say that five years ago only 30% of Evangelicals believed that “elected officials can behave ethically even if they have committed transgressions in their personal lives.” Now the number is a whopping 72%.

So 72% of evangelicals don’t mind if their leaders grab a side dish to go with their main entré. Dr. Stetzer responds to the report by saying: 

However, the NY Magazine article highlights something very important—the people of God, who are called to hold to the highest standard of morals and ethics, now rank as the highest group percentage-wise of those who say that these things don’t necessarily matter. This is a problem of huge proportions.With such a swing happening in a short period of time, we have to consider the surrounding circumstances. As such, it is hard not to conclude that for many this has happened so that they could justify voting for Trump. 

Sorry Ed Stetzer, you can’t blame this one on the Donald! It’s your fault evangelicals don’t care about the personal lives of their leaders. You and all your evangelical pastors, authors, and teachers. 

You guys have been teaching us for years not to be legalistic! 

Every time someone like me brings up morality you accuse him of being a Pharisee. When we strive toward patriotic virtue you claim it’s an idol. If we bring up a failing of our leaders, we’re chided for over emphasizing truth, not love.

Ed Stetzer has been telling us for years not to be judgmental. Now all of a sudden he wants us to be judgmental when it comes to Trump.

Election 2016: Evangelicals face a Mordecai Moment

Joseph Rossell, wrote Election 2016: Evangelicals Face a “Hagar Moment,” in a blog post that got picked up by the Aquila Report. Here we go. Another stupid article where some hand-wringer tries to make us Christians feel guilty about voting for Trump.

Sorry, buddy. I’m not motived by guilt like liberals are. I’m motived by justice. As such, I will be voting for Donald Trump over Crooked Hillary, who belongs in prison. There’s no Hagar Moment. On Election 2016, Evangelicals face a Mordecai Moment.

Before I explain the Mordecai Moment, let’s laugh about how stupid it is to compare an election to Abraham conceiving a son by Hagar. Read more

Pastors who oppose Trump suck at their job.

Pastors who oppose Trump suck at their job.

Guys, I deliberated for some time about publishing this podcast. After reading an article on the Aquila Report titled Donald Trump and Sexual Assault: What Else Are Evangelical Voters Willing to Accept? I became so furious that I hit record and let it out.

But then I reviewed the tape and it dawned on me that I said the the author, Dr. Mathew Tuininga, sucked at his job. He’s the assistant professor of moral theology at Calvin college.

I also said he lied. Are these things one Christian should say about another? Read more

If Donald Trump Was Black, His Locker Room Talk Would Be OK.

Did you cry crocodile tears when Trump said he grabs women by the pussy? If so where were you when Barack Obama hosted mysogenistic hip-hop rap musicians? 

You were MIA when Beyoncé flaunted her pussy for Jay-z to grab live on the whitehouse ballroom. 

That’s because you’re a racist hypocrite. If trump was black, his locker room talk would be ok. In fact, you would celebrate it. 

First they blamed Fracking for earthquakes. Now they blame Injection Wells.

pawnee earthquake grocery store

Photo by Paul Hellstern, The Oklahoman. Used without permission.

Liberals want to blame the oil and gas industry for the Oklahoma earthquake swarm. But in doing so they expose their own ignorance. Again.

First they threw around the word fracking. It was an easy accusation to make. Fracking caused the Oklahoma earthquakes. The word fracking just sounds so nasty. Fracking. It’s like a swear word almost. You could substitute it for the f-word at Bible camp.

And anyone with a cursory knowledge of drilling for oil would know that fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing. It’s where they pump water and sand down a hole to break open rocks underground to extract oil.

So it’s an easy conclusion for the ignorant to jump to. Of course hydraulically fracturing rocks underground causes earthquakes!

The problem is it doesn’t. Read more

The Fracking Oil Boom is over! Why are there still earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Pawnee Earthquake Damage by J Berry Harrison III

Earthquake destruction in Pawnee Oklahoma. Thanks, windmills. (image via J Berry III)


Today a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck Oklahoma, centered in Pawnee county, and was felt in several states. This earthquake caused a huge problem, not for dilapidated trailer-hoods or endangered prairie chickens, but for tree-hugging liberals.

The Oil Boom is over! Why are there still earthquakes in Oklahoma?

They blamed fracking for the Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm that began in 2009. But now crude oil sits under $50 a barrel. Nobody’s fracking! Read more

Who takes the gallbladder from a dead bear? A Chinese. 

The drudge report has a link up that says Bear Found with Paws, Gallbladder Removed on CA Freeway…

Drudge put it up because it’s one of those bizarre news stories. You read it and are like who in the world would cut off a gallbladder and paws from a dead bear beside the road?

A Chinese! That’s who.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Caltrans and the California Fish and Wildlife are treating it like a crime. A serious crime. Read more

What Christians misunderstand about the Obama Bathroom Bill

There’s one big thing that Christians misunderstand about President Obama and the the bathroom bill. His goal is to desecrate you.

To understand how and why, think back to the Kentucky county clerk who refused to sign gay marriage licenses. I made the point in an article, Why they put Kim Davis in Jail, that her signature had no bearing on the actual nature of a gay couple’s relationship.

So why did they verbally force her to do it?

To desecrate her.

These degenerates crave validation for their perverted lifestyle. In a sick, twisted way, by forcing someone who symbolically represents God to grant tokens of approval, they think they can extinguish their shame.

But even after a huge victory in their proxy war against God, their shame burns all the more. So they become angrier. Read more

The Pope and Illegal immigration

Pope Francis in Mexico

Pope Francis in Mexico

This week Pope Francis stood in Mexico near the border with the United States. He blessed those illegally emigrating to our country and prayed for those who died trying.

First off, isn’t the Pope supposed to be a religious leader? Why is he blessing people breaking the law? That flies against everything anyone expects from an authority figure, just as it says in scripture:

Whoever says to the wicked, “You are in the right,” will be cursed by peoples, abhorred by nations.
Proverbs 24:24

That’s why Trumps rebuttal to the Pope resonated across the world. Finally someone stood up to this bully who undermines whole nations with his lawlessness. Read more

Is Chipotle healthier than a fried burrito?

Is Chipotle healthy? You know, like compared to a fried burrito?

Stupid question, right? Chipotle is fresh-mex! They only use the finest, organic, all-natural ingredients. They don’t fill their burritos with processed foods and deep fry them.

Okay. So, follow-up question. What’s the opposite of healthy?

Sick. Right?

So how can you tell me Chipotle is healthy when so many people got sick eating there? Read more

5 reasons Weird Al should headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Weird Al should headline the Super Bowl halftime show. That was my first thought when I woke up from Super Bowl 50’s halftime lullaby. Here’s 5 reasons Weird Al Yankovich will bring the biggest laughs to the world’s biggest stage. Read more

Tickets to Great Awakening


(Note: Here’s another post from the drafts folder. I think I wrote this in 2012. I lived in Boston and reference the Bible by page number.)

Every year, for as long as I can remember, there’s some Christian preacher or another who says, “This is New England. This is where the Great Awakening started. There’s gonna be a revival. This summer! Starting July 31. Tickets are just $10.” Read more

Is Satan Stupid?


Is Satan Stupid?
Let’s just stop and think for a minute about how stupid the devil is. The devil decided to rebel against God. Read more

Guys, Im clearing out my drafts folder.

Guys, I’m clearing out my drafts folder. So when you see a post and at the top in italics there’s a note saying that I wrote this on a previous date, that’s why. Read more